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Meet Instaclause. A gamechanger for accountants.


You are looking for a time saver to draft legal documents.

As an accountant, you are frequently asked to 'quickly' draft a contract, report or other legal document. Of course you want to serve your clients as well as possible, but this is not your core business. Also, the templates you find online are often outdated, incomplete or too general.


Instaclause provides up-to-date legal knowledge in a digital tool.

More than 500 accountants use our legal software every day. Why? No generic templates, but accurate legal documents tailored to the latest legislation.

No standard models, but personalized contracts. Not a time-consuming activity, but a user-friendly flow. And extra profitable for your accountancy office. Double check!

Our legal documents

From leases and loan agreements, to deeds of incorporation, to Belgian Official Gazette forms. Instaclause combines experience with expertise and creates up-to-date legal documents.

Our legal documents

Our unique software tool

Thanks to our software, you create one or more legal documents in a few clicks with Instaclause. User-friendly, intuitive and an extra service for your accounting firm.

Our unique software tool

Why work with Instaclause?


Our legal software requires no prior knowledge. The Instaclause application is user-friendly and self-explanatory. No installation, no IT hassle.


In 10 to 15 minutes you will go through the full flow, with specific questions tailored to your situation. With the click of a button, you will then receive one or more legal documents.

Legally correct

Behind Instaclause is a team of legal experts who closely follow legislation. Problems or questions? Our legal back office is at your service.

Fully customised

No two documents are the same. Instaclause does not work with templates or standard models. You always generate a unique legal document tailored to your client.

Cloud application & tools

An integration of your connected applications. A digital tool available 24/7. A secure environment to work in when it suits you.

Additional revenue

Drafting legal documents has never been so smooth! Thanks to Instaclause, you not only save time, but also create an additional revenue model for your accounting firm.